For the love of racing!

Barry Nelson, the owner of the large and rapidly growing family of car dealerships in Virginia and North Carolina has always had an intense passion for racing. The AutosByNelson dealerships are spread out across Martinsville & Henry County, VA; & Mount Airy, NC. Martinsville has been known and loved for racing, Martinsville SpeedwayNASCAR, and anything pertaining to it! And when the opportunity presented itself, Barry Nelson ran with it!

In 2013, Toyota was holding a social media sponsorship for all Toyota Dealerships in the surrounding areas by bringing NASCAR official drivers to the dealerships to meet customers, fans, and employees!

Timothy Peters, #17 Driver for NASCAR Truck Series, Red Horse Racing stopped by Nelson Toyota for a PR Event, when he met Barry Nelson. They started talking about thehuge influence of racing in the community and how much they both loved it!

Barry and Timothy stayed in touch frequently afterwards and before you knew it, they made plans to start their own late model racing program here in Martinsville, VA!

Nelson Motorsports was underway after they purchased their first late model race car from Jeff Burton a retired American stock car racing driver in the Sprint Cup Series! The first night out for Nelson Motorsports at South Boston Speedway, Nelson Motorsports brought home a first place trophy. Now, of course they weren't expecting victory the first night out, but one victory sparked a fire that has created the huge team we have today!

Four years later, after tons of success including wins like the Denny Hamlin Showdown in South Boston, taking 1st place in the VSCU300, and taking home a win in the Twin 100 Lap in South Boston, VA. Nelson Motorsports decided to clear the writing board, start from scratch, and build their own late model race cars!

Now, in 2017 we've built several EXTREMELY successful race cars! Competed and won countless races in 5 different states. Moving forward, Nelson Motorsports will continue to expand and grow, striving to bring home more wins, but most importantly to be so extremely passionate about racing that this program continues to flourish!

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